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  1. WSJ - Charging Stations Multiply But Electric Cars Are Few
  2. Green Car Reports "No Pedestrian Alert for 2012 Focus EV"
  3. Electrical Installations
  4. Manufacturers Collaborate on Charging System
  5. Leviton and Ford Receive UL Certification for Home Charging
  6. Deloitte And the Difficulties of Surveying the Unknown
  7. Ford EV Marketing Managers Pulling Out Hair
  8. Dominion Power EV Rate Now Available
  9. General theme
  10. USA today Looks at ATVM Loan Program
  11. BW - Electric Vehicles ...Fail to Connect Consumers
  12. Ford (don't ask don't touch) Focus EV
  13. Electric Cars Are An Extraordinarily Bad Idea
  14. Battery Supply will be Twice Demand in 2 years
  15. Ford Manager Dissing BEVs?
  16. Power of Choice Vehicle and Technology Tour
  17. Ford Delays Full Rollout of Electric Focus
  18. Ford Needs to Back the US SAE LEVEL 3 STANDARD
  19. Ford at Frankfurt
  20. Jolt! The Book
  21. What If EVs Are A Wild Success?
  22. More Thoughts On Jolt!
  23. Someone who Likes MFT!
  24. More Interesting Bits from "Jolt! The Impending EV Dominance
  25. “Jolt!: The Impending Dominance of the Electric Vehicle”
  26. Re: Pricing, pricing, pricing
  27. A very basic question
  28. Kiplinger's - EVs Cost Less Over 5 Years Than Closest Models
  29. Ford Take Charge winners video
  30. Kiplinger's Car Cost Calculator
  31. Ford Going Where GM Dared Not
  32. Battery Cooling for FFE by Dana
  33. A very basic question
  34. 6.6kw charger installation requirements?
  35. Ford tests the FFE display with customers via a simulation
  36. Electric Vehicles
  37. I have just placed my deposit on this car.. check it out
  38. Glad to see something new.
  39. Parking Technology Package on FF electric?
  40. Pricing, pricing, pricing
  41. Mkz hybrid same price as regular Mkz. Why not the focus too?
  42. Focus EV To Launch In November?
  43. 6 Weeks From Order to Deliver?
  44. Interview with Ford's Mike Tinskey
  45. WSJ Ford Denies Launch Delay
  46. Consumer Reports Expects Focus EV to Sell For More than Leaf
  47. Ford/SunPower Collaboration is Good...
  48. Ford/Sunpower Team Up on PV For Houses
  51. Ford Focus Electric Delayed - except in CA, NY
  52. Props to Ford For Making SYNC More Available
  53. As Usual, Ford Doles Out Info Sparingly
  54. Leafs to Power House
  55. Mobile App Decides If EV IsRight For You
  56. British Study- EVs Work!
  57. Hybrid Batteries Reliable?
  58. Mulally to be on Letterman
  59. Stand Corrected On Ford Branded Charger
  60. Ford Focus Electric coming Spring 2012?
  61. Ford Focus Production Slowed by Dashboard Supply Problem
  62. Focus Test Drive
  63. A way to be truly green!
  64. Questions for Ford?
  65. An Alternative Safety Cord (AKA EVSE)
  66. Highlights from Yesterdays Live Ford Chat
  67. Lowes to sell "Charger"
  68. What the Leaf's Price Increase Means For the Focus EV
  69. Ford Live Chat Thursday at 1pm
  70. CNET - Mitsubishi's EV goal: 2,000 N.A. sales by April
  71. AllCarsElectric.Com - Leviton DIY Charger $1049
  72. Richmond VA Ford Dealer - No Focus EV Till 4th Quarter 2012
  73. 2MW of Solar Power Coming to Fed Ex Field
  74. Ford Electric Vehicles and Sound Facebook gallery
  75. Rims for a ford focus?
  76. Honey Could You Plug-In the House Please?
  77. WSJ - A Long and Winding Road for Electric Vehicles
  78. Ed Bagley Jr. Forward With Ford
  79. Admin! What happened to the site this weekend?
  80. NY Times - ‘Aggravating’ MyFord Touch Sends Ford Plummeting
  81. Saw one?
  82. Ford Previews Focus EV Sounds
  83. Reuters Article Cues Puzzling Headlines
  84. You Tube Video on Focus EV
  85. IHS Auto Analyst - CMAX PHEV for $28k
  86. Ford News Release Details Thermal Management
  87. Ford Press Conference on CMAX and Hybrids
  88. Dominion Power EV Rate Hearing
  89. Livestream from Ford
  90. Robert Lewellyn and Fully Charged
  91. Glimpse the Focus Electric Displays
  92. Another Classic Edmunds Distortion of Reality
  93. Driving the 2012 Focus
  94. MyFord Mobile Development with IDEO
  95. Sitting in the 2012 Focus
  96. George Bush - Father of the Electric Car?
  97. regards to fordfocuselectric.com team
  98. Chosing the Charge Port Location
  99. Ford's Drive to Intelligent Cars
  100. AutoNation Expects E Focus MSRP $30k Before Tax Credit
  101. Nice Photo of Ford Focii Rolling off the Line
  102. USA Today/Gallup Poor Polling Technique Unmasked
  103. A New Map for Charging Stations
  104. A Forbes Sampler
  105. Guess the price announcement date
  106. Think Charging Stations Will Be Free Forever?
  107. Edmonton Journal - Too soon for electric cars: analyst
  108. Hi All
  109. Hey im new here
  110. CNN Money - Bill Ford Looks Forward
  111. WSJ - Charging Ahead
  112. GM Bets Big on Rural China Markets
  113. Ford anounces crystalline ceramic battery gets 150 miles
  114. A Car That Learns
  115. The EV You Really Want
  116. Best Buy and the EV Upstarts
  117. Congress Considers $4 Billion for Electric Cars
  118. NY Times - After Disaster Hit Japan, Electric Cars Stepped
  119. Thanks Charged Up for making this forum active
  120. Need Another Reason to Buy an EV?
  121. Is Ford Really an EV maker?
  122. Poll: What Type of EV Are You Considering?
  123. Nissan Leaf Sales Surpass Volt in April
  124. Why You Want an ICE Converted EV Early In The Game
  125. Electric Conversions Becoming More Difficult
  126. BBC - 'Massive' disruption for Japanese car makers
  127. Why Has Toyota Chosen to Ratchet Down Recharge Rate on Tesla
  128. Everything About Traction Battery Markets for $3995
  129. Engadget Interview with Ford CEO
  130. How to talk about EV "mpg" in way that people get
  131. Chrysler to sell GEM
  132. Time - Will Israel's Electric Cars Change the World?
  133. CBS - Top marks for electric cars in first crash tests
  134. Dominion Power EV rate and public hearing
  135. Electric Vehicles Too Expensive?
  136. Ford Engineer Receives Dynamicist of the Year Award
  137. Toyota signals a bleak year
  138. Getting Foolish
  139. Chat with Director of Ford Electrification Programs Monday
  140. Picture of Rear Leg Room in Ford FE
  141. China’s Electric Car Drive: Impressive, But Not Enough
  142. Our Intro Contribution ...
  143. My Introduction Put Up !
  144. China Will Dominate US in Electric Car Sales
  145. WSJ – Ford Seeks Major Growth of Electric Sales
  146. Acknowledgement email from Ford
  147. Ford Manager discusses order and delivery of Ford FE
  148. Georgia on My Mind
  149. Interview with maker of "Revenge of the Electric Car"
  150. Somethings Cooking with the Focus Electric
  151. Suggestions for the Ford FE
  152. Ford's Chief engineer discusses its electrification strategy
  153. Waiting List tips continued
  154. Getting on a Wait List for the Ford Focus Electric
  155. Ask the Ford Battery Engineers
  156. Nick Chambers Part 3
  157. Chamber's Leaf/Focus article part 2
  158. A Closer Look at Nick Chambers Article on the Leaf and Focus
  159. Microsoft's Hohm to help charge FFE
  160. Volt Ford FE Leaf Spec Comparison
  161. Mr or Mrs. Admin, kindly do away with these forum spammers
  162. Ford Teams With AT&T
  163. Are there residency requirements to get on the waitlists?
  164. Oh, much better looking than the Leaf.
  165. Excited - Truly Excited
  166. A trailer with gas generator option
  167. Focus Electric Eliminates More Than Two Dozen Components
  168. FFEV Nuggets from ApteraForum.com
  169. Hyundai verna diesel or ford fiesta diesel?
  170. Get LEAF Now or Wait for Focus Electric
  171. A very basic question
  172. Rapid Charging
  173. Anyone get acknowledge e-mail from Ford Focus Electric page?
  174. What happened to the website?
  175. Motion Night Lights
  176. Dealerships not very excited
  177. Zero CO2
  178. Interior
  179. 2 door version
  180. Focus Electric Revealed!
  181. Why a 19 city rollout and not 15 states?
  182. Good luck
  183. First Post! Ford Announces First Cities to Get Focus EV!
  184. Welcome