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Default WSJ - EV Battery Range Sucks and They Are Expensive

Recent WSJ article, with their usual positive spin on EVs…not! The general gist is that range on the batteries is a problem and the cars are expensive. Yup. However, as the author acknowledges there are people for whom the function and economics of owning make sense, and the technology should only get better as the production numbers ramp up.

Interesting to see a writer for the WSJ acknowledge this:

But electric vehicle technology will only become more and more relevant in the near future. While hydrogen fuel cells are still heralded by some as the next major stepping stone towards an emissions free motoring future, the momentum and investment there has waned significantly, with most major manufacturers now focusing on electric and the attendant expectation of increased renewable energy from wind and solar systems.
Although they had to jump the pond to find one who would write that. ?

Also liked this little bit:

Oil industry analysts suggest the world has barrels of crude enough for about forty years at current rates of consumption —long enough, surely, for the electric alternative to assume the mantle. Meanwhile sceptics argue that reserves are far lower than the OPEC countries will ever admit and that oil prices will soon rise sharply, long before battery technology and electric transport infrastructure is sufficiently advanced.
Thank goodness the Oil industry has weighed in. They are always so fourth coming that when they speak I know I can take it to the bank. Like when we allowed them to drill for oil in Alaska and they “promised” they would build double hulled tankers, well ok maybe not then, but like when they initiated drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and they assured us that a major oil leak was unthinkably impossible, hmm well ok not then either.

Or how about the 4 decades they funded research that the Earth was not getting warmer, and then when it became undeniable, they not only realized that global warming was happening, but thank the stars they had figured out the cause… just a natural cycle in Earth’s crazy yo yo cycle of heating and cooling. They went from denying for 40 years, to accepting and explaining in the space of two years.

So yes by all means, please quote us more stuff from the Oil Industry.

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