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Default Re: Ford Focus Electric Delayed - except in CA, NY

Originally Posted by Hobbit
Disappointing, but not surprising based on the lack of information flow from Ford. Doesn't look like the Focus will beat the Leaf to market anywhere...although it could still be close in New York...with Nissan set to start the ordering process "Fall 2011".

It will be interesting to see what Ford means by 'spring' 2012. That could be June.

Time for a "Crisis at Ford" thread?

If Ford had announced that they were going to deliver 20k cars the first year and was coming back 3 months after rollout to say well, we really meant 10k. And if they were announcing that the next model year will have a charger twice as big, and then came back a few weeks after that and said well not the next MY but the one after that because we are already committed to "X" amount of the 3.3kw chargers...and then if Ford came back shortly after that and said, "well even though we have said repeatedly our very special battery does not require thermal management, we have decided at the very least to put on some heater strips." And if Ford had "fixed" a potential overheating of the battery problem by putting in language to the warranty that makes no range guarantee and that specifically voids the warranty if the battery is exposed to 120f for more than 24 hours. And if Ford had taken money from people and 1 year later there was no hope in sight of said person getting a vehicle then yes I would be writing you a "Crisis at Ford" post. And I won't even bring up the AC issue keeping the car from starting issue.

This simply is not the right way to launch the vehicle. The Leaf is a good car that does what it purports to do. But the charger is undersized, and it needs liquid thermal regulation on the battery.

As for Ford. Ford never said we are going to launch in all 19 cities at once, at least that I read/heard. It was to be expected that certain cities areas would be selected first. And Ford has remained quiet about actual numbers which makes it pretty easy not to blow hitting that number, probably the smarter thing to do.

People are stewing about not having info, but not as bad as they would be stewing if Ford had taken $99 bucks from them, and then let them sit on a list and watch "deadline" after "deadline" slip by with seemingly nothing happen.

So right now, I would say, so far Ford is doing exactly what they said they would do, "rollout the FE at the end of 2011."

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