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Default Re: Utility Issues Fire Warning to EV owners

Originally Posted by GKalkas
The hundreds of times I read Lyle's reports on the Volt site (I was #61 on the Volt sign up list of over 40,000), he never pit the left against the right. Lets keep politics off this site.
Point taken. Clearly my facetious summary of Mr. Modica's content has clouded the intended message.

Whether he is liberal or conservative, it is clap trap as his facts are wrong or, at the very least, seriously skewed. The same can be said for recent PG&E statements in CA claiming that EV charging consumes "as much electricity as three households" (certainly the charger in the FFE will bring that statement closer to fact, but it is still off by at least one house and more likely two houses). Unfortunately few take the time to check what is being spouted on-line or even on mainstream media (e.g. Cavuto on FOX news), so people like him are being taken seriously which will continue to set EVs back unless the statements are countered and/or reported by more reputable media.

BTW - I am a conservative by most standards, but I did recently change my registration to Independent b/c I think my long time party has lost sight of its original goals for governing. So while I may think that gives me the right to call a spade a spade, GKalkas is correct that I should keep political sideshows out of it so that we can focus on the goals of the forum.

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