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Default Re: Utility Issues Fire Warning to EV owners

Originally Posted by Marc Lee
An article at the National Legal and Policy Center was even more critical.
Wow. Did you read any other articles on this site? Complete Fascist Conservative clap trap. These guys definitely have an axe to grind when it comes to EV's as they are "patently dangerous" and "a true threat to personal safety". The Connecticut fire was completely unrelated to the Volt charging as reported BY THE LOCAL FIRE DEPARTMENT, but they don't mention this, instead they make it sound like Government Motors, er GM, covered it up and are implying that the same will happen in NC. As stated in both local TV articles online, the local fire department is leading the investigation and Duke Energy, Siemens, & GM are helping. This is common in such investigations, for instance whenever there is a plane crash the manufacturer of the airplane routinely assists the FAA in their investigation.

In three other articles I sampled on their site they had their facts wrong or skewed more then half the time and nice generalizations like Coke "supports false testimony on global warming perpetration of the myth about endangered polar bears" then cites studies that polar bear population is increasing. Well it is, but only because there has been a ban on hunting them for 60yrs, and the increase has only been where they share habitat with humans as they move further south (but they skip that part of the Canadian study).

This is just a conspiracy theory rag looking for liberal fish to fry, especially when it comes to EVs, unfortunately its the kind of misinformation that people like my Dad buy hook, line, and sinker. This kind of FUD will continue to set EV's back for years to come...
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