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Proposal to Change EV Tax Credit to Rebate Likely to Benefit Most EV Buyers

No one, except possibly some high-placed Ford executives, knows exactly how much the Ford Focus Electric is going to cost. But no matter what the Focus Electric’s final sticker price, the more consumers can take off that price via tax … Continue reading

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Focus Electric Beats Nissan LEAF in MotorTrend Review

While the Nissan LEAF is already being delivered in small numbers in select U.S. markets and Ford doesn’t plan to get any Focus Electrics into consumer hands until late 2011, the competition between the two vehicles is shaping up to … Continue reading

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Focus Electric: Zero Tailpipe Emissions Just Part of Green Story

The environmentally friendly reach of the Ford Focus Electric goes beyond its zero tailpipe emissions. Focus Electric combines recycled and renewable materials, green technologies and innovative manufacturing processes to make the car greener from bumper to bumper. “An electric vehicle … Continue reading

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Navigating Ford’s New Focus Electric Web Page

For awhile, Ford had been keeping the Focus Electric under the media radar. No longer. Ford’s now very actively promoting the Focus Electric and even taking competitive shots at the Nissan LEAF and the Chevy Volt. Ford’s also — finally, … Continue reading

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Ford Focuses on Ethics of Supply Chain for Focus Electric

Ford is paying close attention to the political conditions in the countries from which it draws rare earth minerals to build its Ford Focus Electric, according to a recent FoxNews.Com story. This is in keeping with a general orientation toward … Continue reading

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Ford Turns Up the Heat on Nissan

Some folks have been insisting that the big EV competition is between the Nissan LEAF and the Chevy Volt. Given that the LEAF is a pure electric and the Volt a plug-in hybrid electric, or what GM prefers to call … Continue reading

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Ford Taps Recycled Materials to Build Focus

Your Ford Focus Electric will be a greener vehicle not only in terms of reduced tailpipe emissions, but in terms of its component parts as well. Ford is among the auto manufacturers with an initiative to “reduce, reuse and recycle” … Continue reading

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Ford to Showcase Focus Electric at Consumer Electronics Show

While Nissan and GM have worked the media to get as much coverage as possible of the LEAF and Volt, so far Ford has been fairly coy about the Ford Focus Electric. That could be changing as we move into … Continue reading

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Ford Works to Promote Safe Driving

Who knows, by the end of 2011, you might be driving a brand new Ford Focus Electric. But no matter what you’re driving, safety ought to be your number one priority. It’s in the spirit of promoting auto safety that … Continue reading

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Survey: American Consumers Trust Ford Most on EVs

A recent web-based survey of 1,046 people in the U.S. found the electric vehicle (EV) brand that would lead to a purchase consideration was most often Ford (17.8%), followed by Toyota (16.7%), Chevrolet (16.0%), Honda (12.6%), and Nissan (7.1%) while … Continue reading

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