Ford Confirms Focus Electric Production for 2011, But Stresses Real (and Increased) Volume in 2012

Cutaway and Stats on the 2011 Ford Focus Electric

We have heard for some time now that the Ford Focus Electric will be coming late in 2011, and recently Sue Cischke, Ford’s VP for sustainability, environment and safety engineering, said that once the Focus EV production is up and running, Ford is looking to have initial production volume be competitive with the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid and the Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicle, but when exactly that will be has been a question.

This week has brought good news in the fact volumes will be fairly robust, somewhere between Chevrolet’s 10,000 units for the Volt, and Nissan’s 25,000 units for the LEAF, specifically Ms. Cischke would not say, but indicated it would be between the two.

The bad news however was that while Ford is still committed to bring the Focus Electric to market late in 2011, it will be on very thin volumes, cemented the fact that Ford’s entry into the electric vehicle market is a full 12 months behind their peers.

“We had always said 2011, which we’ll still do, but I think you’ll see more of the concentrated volume in 2012. Right now, we’re getting ready to provide a little bit slower entry.”  When asked for comment on the volume for 2011, the Ford VP would only say, “some.”

She did go on to say that if the car was met favorable, Ford is quite prepared to boost production, “Certainly, if it was very popular, we’d be able to get more batteries and do what we need to do.”

While Ford is working hard to catch up to their main two peers, Ms. Chiscke said that, “We’ll learn from what they are doing and how they are marketing it.”  They will also gain some knowledge from bringing a small amount of Ford Transit Connect Electrics to market, as took the time to confirm they were on track of delivers a little later this year.

(Detroit News)

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5 Responses to Ford Confirms Focus Electric Production for 2011, But Stresses Real (and Increased) Volume in 2012

  1. Richard Yeager-Stiver says:

    Why bother making it. I just read Ford, GM and Chrysler are now using funds to fight the mandate for 62mpg by 2025:
    Here we go again: EV1, Ranger EV, Solectra Force, and S10EV brought to life with Pres. Clinton, killed with Bush. Resurrection: Volt, Leaf and Focus BEV, killed with GOP back in charge.
    I guess I’ll have to wait for Toyota and Tesla to save me green at the pump just like the Prius has for years.

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